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During the summer season, Little Arthur Farm opens its cafe and bistro, cooking and serving food produced on the farm. We believe in guaranteeing the provenance of our food by growing it ourselves, be it salad leaves, fresh tomatoes, beef from animals grazed on our own pastures, milk from our Guernsey cows and goats or eggs from our Rhode Island hens. We believe in picking our tomatoes when they have been allowed to ripen naturally to develop their true flavour, not picked green and then ripened with gases and hormones. We believe in cows that have grazed their own grass, not stall-fed milk machines gorging on omnivorous diets and chemicals. We believe in fish that has been sustainably fished in the clear waters around Scilly, not in factory ship produce that has been flown in from the other side of the world.

Government policy is geared towards seeing the demise of small family farms, bringing in rafts of legislation which make small scale production uneconomic. However, once small farmers have vanished to be taken over by the factory farms, there will be no customer choice, no alternatives to the output of such mechanised production. This is why, even though it may not be economically viable to farm, we believe it is the right thing to do. 

Our cafe and bistro offer a range of local produce for morning coffees, seafood and wholefood lunches, afternoon teas with island blackberry jam, bistro meals of crab and lobster, beef and vegetables - all this in our garden cafe with stunning views across the Eastern Isles.


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Menus for Summer 2017 


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bistro menu

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