About Little Arthur Farm

'Be the change you want to see in the world.' Gandhi
ODLQC quality assurance Prince Charles meeting staff & pupils from Little Arthur Independent School long boots storing the hay bales the raspberry cage
Little Arthur Farm is a family run holding. We moved here from the mainland 40 years ago, committed to the idea of living off the land, growing our own food, keeping a cow, spinning the wool from the sheep and being as self suficient in all aspects of living as possible. From that time the business has kept on growing. All our 7 children were home educated but still followed a school curriculum, ie. they all took GCSEs. From that the Correspondence courses grew and now hundreds of students worldwide follow the courses. We soon realised the farm and garden had the potential to feed more than just the family, and as always, generating an income from a smallholding was an issue, so we started the Wholefood Cafe which has now been running succesfully for over 33 years. Out of our desire to make our own hauling seaweed from the beachfootwear from natural materials the idea of offering a made-to-measure footwear service was born.
We are constantly looking for new ideas, inspiration and ways to expand the business without losing sight of our principles. By operating these micro businesses, we are able to support the farm through a period where international policies threaten the very survival of the small family farm in the United Kingdom.
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