Little Arthur Farm

Little Arthur Independent School

It is not coincidental that Little Arthur Independent School is based on our small ecological farm. The school was originally set up to provide a more environmentally inspired education for island children, one in which care of and concern for the ODLQC quality assurancenatural environment and an understanding of how food is produced were put high on the agenda as topics of primary importance for the future generation. Our courses reflect this concern for the environment and food production.
Today, we offer a range of home learning courses. For younger learners (11-14), we provide courses in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. For 14-16 year-olds, and for more mature students, we can provide Cambridge University International GCSEs in a range of ten subjects. All our courses provide textbooks, files (CDs where appropriate) and tutor marked assignments - a personalised service at Prince Charles meeting staff & pupils from Little Arthur Independent Schoolan affordable price.
We are particulaly proud of our IGCSEs in Agriculture and Environmental Management. Very few UK schools or colleges have offered these courses meaning that those interested in these topics have to enrol in full time courses at college. Our distance learning courses mean that qualifications at this level can be obtained whilst working from home, thence allowing educational/career advancement in these areas. BecAgriculture student at Little Arthurause our Agricultural course is an international one, studying the genral principles of farming - livestock, crops, buildings, equipment and even accounts - it is also a useful qualification for anyone intending to apply for voluntary work overseas.
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